• Admin Kefke Wren, contact me please.Pajaritodelodio 

    DEAR ADMIN Kefke Wren:

    i contact you by this wikia since you have blocked me from any activity on sog team, even the right to discuss this ban with you has been blocked:

    Your user name or IP address has been blocked. The block was made by Kefke Wren.

    §  Reason given: Spamming and obnoxious behaviour.

    §  Start of block: 06:26, June 18, 2013

    §  Expiry of block: 07:00, June 21, 2013

    §  Intended blockee: Pajaritodelodio

    §  Block ID: #717

    §  Current IP address:

    Admin Kefke, you said that i should take this as a warning:

    i replyed and syad that i understood the warning and that it won't happen again. one hour later i get blocked!

    so then, why have you blocked me? if you first say that it is a warning and ina deliberate action of ABUSE OF AUTHORITY you block my access to SOG wiki?

    i apologize for any inconvinience but i consider your block as a decition with critical thinking, i believe it to be an abuse of the authority you have as ad Administrator.

    i never nor will ever Disrespect somebody just because. so I DEMAND TO BE UNBLOCKED IN THIS MOMENT

    i hope i can hear a reply from you Admin, since i can not do any action in the SOG wiki thanks to your god infinite wisdom block. 

    this is my mail:

    please reply. diego SOG TEAM

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